Games Jams

Ludum Dare 2018

(Cant Save Them All!)

A giant meteor is about to hit the city! you need to save the good citizens, the problem is the more of them you pick up the slower your get away is, Make sure you escape the blast radius in time!

The development team consisted of 6 students from Staffordshire University all in our final year. This was an organised Games Jam, where we worked 10am to 10pm each day. No crunch! This was our first Ludum Dare but we have all done Global Games Jam before.

Global Game Jam 2017


Zonar was developed by a team of 5 students from Staffordshire University, during the 2017 Global Games Jam. The theme was "Waves" and so we decided to go for a Sonar Wave mechanic. The game is local multiplayer and requires each player to find and destroy the others submarine.

The players have limited ranged visibility in a large map, so they have to utilize their sonar scanners to find the opponent, before stopping and firing upon them with missiles.