EvoVerve is a relaxing evolution, idle clicker game, in which you have to earn credits to customize and evolve your own planet! Customize your planet with a variety of items and watch life grow in front of your eyes!

This was developed as part of my Final Year Project module whilst studying at Staffordshire University. My aim for this was to create a fun and relaxing game where the player has control of their own planet, so that they can design it how they saw fit.

The game was made entirely in C# using the Unity3D engine, I modelled assets, designed UI, animated objects, programmed mechanics and designed the whole game from scratch. I used Unitys 'Scriptable Object' system to create my items as it made making new items and storing data much easier.

To test the game, I setup an Alpha test release on the Google Play Store and gave as many people as I could access, this way I could receive real time feedback as each update was released.

  • Unity3D

  • C#

  • Mobile Optimizations

  • Scriptable Object Items

  • Low poly modeling

  • Shader work

  • Play Store Alpha Testing